Monday, May 20, 2013

Thank you everyone for an amazing 2012-13

I am sure everyone has recovered from the recital (even the dads!) now and like myself looking back on what a great season we had and perhaps looking ahead to next season already (like me :0)! First I would like to give a big shout out to all those who were involved with the flower sales. The boquets where beautiful and the choices amazing! Next to all those who worked the lobby selling 50/50 tickets. A huge hug! I know the Barr family was touched by the response from those in attendance but none of it would have happened with out all the hard work from the FGDC family. Again this speaks to the amazing group of families we have and the respect and affection they have for each other. I would also like to say a big thanks to Angel's sister who made those crazy dancing dad cupcakes! Tasty and creative! The hard work was evident and that fact there were none left speaks to how yummy! And those dad's earned every last cupcake with their standing "o" rendition of Gangnam Style. Way to go dads! I have had a few inquiries about summer so I thought I would include that information in this email also and it will also be in your registration letter being delivered to your homes in June. I am hoping to do a beginner pilates class for dancers before we break from school. Anyone who has done pilates knows what a great excersise it is and how it can enhance a dancer's technique. This will be a mat only (I am hoping to get them on the reformers a few times if it works out) Classes will be Mondays 5:30 to 6:30 starting May 27th and running 4 weeks. If your dancer is interested the cost will be $30 and I ask that you let me know asap. Starting July 3rd weekly work out classes will start. 5:30 to 6:30 will be the jr/int (10 - 14) and 6:30 to 8:00 (15 and up) will be the senior class. The session will run 8 weeks at a cost of $55 for the junior (or $10 drop in) and $75 for the senior (or $13 drop in). These classes are open to any dancer so if your dancer wants to bring someone along NO PROBLEM :0)! just note these are not designed to be beginner classes. We are also going to try a younger work out class this year. This class geared for the 7 to 10 year old will be on Tuesday nights 5 to 6. We are looking to start July 9th and run for 7 weeks at a cost of $40 (or $10 drop in). So keep an eye out for your registration letter and we look forward to seeing or hearing from everyone in the near future! Please if you have any questions or concerns email me direct at or leave me a message at the studio as I am still in there every day or so. Thanks again to all for a great year from Laureen, Melissa, Maeghan and me!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The countdown starts!! I know all the dancers are getting excited and I’m hoping the parents are too!
First let me start with the competition as I know everyone involved has been waiting to hear about the Friday night. I tried to have the few dances moved to the Saturday night but they will not run out of order like that. They had so many groups (4-8 dancers) that they are doing them all Friday with all the lines (9 – 19) dancing on the Saturday night. This effects the Tuesday lyrical and all the routines for the senior group. I know Roots to Branches shows on the Friday but I had left off 1 dancer when I did the registration (this has been corrected) and they should be moving to the Saturday as a line but I am just waiting for a confirmation from Dancermakers.
I have talked with Jamie (one of our drivers) who assures me that if we leave downtown by 2 (2:30) at the latest we will miss rush hour and should be back to the hotel in plenty of time as the group comp is scheduled to run 5 to 10 (maybe 10:30) So on the Friday 2 buses will go downtown with one retuning around 2 the other around 6. This will allow those who need to get back a ride and those who are unaffected the opportunity to explore the Windy City :0). I know some of us have show tickets and Carol Ann has spoken to you about it. She will keep you up to date with what is happening as at last discussion she was waiting for a decision from the theatre. If she is unable to return them we will try to make this work for those who can go.
The buses will leave the Airlane lot as previously stated at 7am. Please don’t be late!! But don’t be crazy early as the buses may not get there much before 6:45. One bus will hold all of the poodles and parents the second bus will be for all the remaining dancers. We must travel to the boarder this way as my passenger list must match when we cross. DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSPORT!!! We have to switch out drivers in Grand Maris so if there any who wish to ride with a friend changes can be done at that time.
Now on to the convention. Saturday classes start at 8am and the girls should be in lobby to get their bands by 7:45 (remember left wrist) and the run until 2:30.  The competition doors open at 4:30 and the show starts at 5. First up is Sweet Child followed by Sing Sing. All dancers involved should be downstairs in the change room with all their costumes (no running to rooms!!!!) hair and makeup complete by 4:30. The order for Sweet Child is ballet, tap, jazz and heaven. (not sure where the lyrical will go yet) For the poodles it is tap, jazz and then ballet. (we may need many hair hands so be ready lol)
As an added bonus there are free classes available for the dancers no band is required and they show now age limit so if our hanging around and want to go to 1 or all just know your teachers think that’s awesome!! At 5 there is a contemporary class, at 6 musical theatre, at 7 hip hop and at 8 another contemporary.
Just a note to all the parents (especially those who are first timers) this is a long and crazy weekend and the girls need to eat well and sleep well. We have discussed this with them many times so they know it’s not just you. Lol Keep in mind we are there for dance and classes are very important. They will complain it is hard, can’t see, feel sick and tired. Please do your best to encourage them it is new and at times it will feel  overwhelming with all of the  dancers, new routines and different teachers but this experience 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

This posting is a copy of the note that went home this week with the dancers.

I know some did not get the note about the recital and the father dance (that’s right get those dancing shoes out all you dads) . The show is May 8th and 9th (dress rehearsal tba) and tickets go on sale March 22 on line and at the box office. This is year 55 so expect the unexpected!!Lots of new but a few memories too!

Next on the list Dancefest and I trust everyone had put those dates on the calendar as discussed back in October. It will be happening April 19th to the 21st at the Auditorium. Registration just closed so there is no schedule yet. I will be sending home a note with all Chicago fees (I am still waiting for some passenger info) and Dancefest making it the last time I ask for money. (believe me when I say I’m excited about that too)

On a different note I have asked Lindsay Fron and Sandra Caputi to come in Friday March 29th from 2 to 3 to do hair tips and stage makeup application for any parent or dancer who wishes to learn or has any questions about either. This has been something we have tried to do over the past few years so this is very exciting!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A note went home regarding make up. I spoke with a women at Shoppers Intercity and she said she will ensure there would be enough Smashbox (eye shadow) Please do not buy other brands as the pigment is not enough for stage. We have tried many brands but they do not compare with the Smashbox. Most should have this palette from last year . The sparkles are a bit of an issue and I will look for something else since the Gosh has been apparently discontinued (the lady did not mention this when we spoke) (sorry)

I am thrilled that everyone has jumped on this instead of waiting till last minute but just a reminder the young group doesn't require this makeup until Festival. :0)

Thunderstruck 2013

The Thunderstruck general schedule is up on their site if you wish to get an idea of when your dancer will be dancing. The actual full schedule should be posted next week.

The competition is sold out and has gone to 4 days instead of 3. They will also be offering 2 workshops. One is open to all dancers and costs $35 per class. Level 1 will beheld Saturday 8am to 9am and level 2 will be Sunday 8am to 9am

There is also an invitation only Star Talent Workshop on the Friday 10am to 12pm. Every competing studio has so many invitations for studio dancers who are 12 and up. The workshop is $90. The top 10 dancers will receive prizes. If you are interested please check out the OTC workshops on the Thunderstruck site for more information. We have been given 10 invites for this Star Talent Workshop and if we don't use them they will be given to the other studios to use. Spots will be given on a first come basis. If your dancer is interested in any of these workshops let me know asap. I have to include this with our competiton package so let me know Sunday at lastest and forward the money to me by the 20th.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bus to Chicago

I require a list of all those riding the bus to Chicago and if you have any friends or family travelling I need those too. We have 2 large coaches this year so there are seats.

Anyone flying and wishing to ride the bus in Chicago can have a seat for the weekend adventures.The cost per sear is $50 and will be payable when bus fees are collected.

thunderstruck 2013

Notes have gone home with the dancers regarding fees for Thunderstruck. All fees are due by FEBRUARY 7th.If paying by cheque please make payable to Cindy.
Fees are calculated at $35 per group dance.